3 seasons, 13 episodes
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy,
Network: Dave (United Kingdom)
Premiere: 05/Oct/2016
Status: New

             With Zapped! being a three-episode pilot, Brian’s fate very much depends on how the viewers respond to the show. But with fantasy comedies being pretty rare beasts, it’s certainly worth a watch. Brian lands in the town of Munty. Fortunately, there's a pub where he meets the owner, Herman (a former warrior) and his handful of regulars: Barbara (a questionable soothsayer), Steg (an armchair revolutionary) and Howell (a deranged wizard).

James Buckley (The Inbetweeners) plays Brian, a regular guy who finds himself accidentally transported to a fantasy world. “And then he meets all these strange and weird people and he spends his time mostly trying to come up with ways to get back home.”

But it wasn’t the fantasy elements that attracted Buckley to Zapped! – it was the traditional sitcom elements, and the presence of producer Steve Coogan (he describes Coogan’s cameo in the show as “a masterclass in how you should be funny”). “[I]t felt like a really good opportunity for me to do something a little bit different to what people know me for,” he adds.

His co-star Paul Kaye, however, is back in outlandish wizard robes again for his role as Howell. He, like most of the cast when we met them on set, tells us that he was drawn in by the unique feel of the writing. “[W]e’re talking about these wildly fantastical things, but it’s all kind of routine and what we’re used to. So it’s a really lovely mix of weird and stupid with the everyday problems that they face, you know? When I read it I’d never read anything quite like it.”

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There are no Responses to “Zapped!” yet. Be the first to comment on it.

There are no Responses to “Zapped!” yet. Be the first to comment on it.

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